Immortal Ran Online EP7 S3

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Immortal Ran Online EP7 S3
Immortal Ran Online EP7 S3
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Post  ScareCrow Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:41 am

Real Name:Ryan Christian Tambis
In-Game Name:ScareCrow
How Long Does You Spend To The Server:7-10 hours
Section to moderate:GAME MASTER
Valid Email Adress:christian12213443@y.c
Contact Number:09159908607
Language Frequently:Tagalog/English
Location:Parañaque City

1. Why are you qualified for the position you are applying?
Because I want to help improve of this game, and add more fun and excitement.

2. What do you know in this position?
Help to improve the game and increase the fun of the players and make the right thing to do.

3. What make you better than other applicants?
Last year i created ran private server its fun but when bugs comes out it difficult to handle.

4. What do you think you'll do after we hire you?
I do my best and ill give a event in the game to share the blessings that i achieved to the players.

5. What is your previous experience as a staff on Ran Online?
No. But i think i can do it better than others.

6.How are you gonna help the server and community to grow?
Well, I will be a good staff for them so they can enjoy staying in this server. And I can help them to answer their all questions and problem. I can give them also a good event that I know in Ran. I’m also good in organizing events. I can share my knowledge about ran to the staff even to the players. Because I’ve been playing Ran Online about 4 years. I'm always online everyday and in that day i can help them in all their problems. And i will promote this server to my friends so this server will become bigger community.

7.Do you have an Experience Of Being An FM / CM / GM In any RAN PRIVATE?
I Don't Have Experience But I will Do my best to be a Best Gm.

8.How You Help To Grow Our Server?
Invite more players thank you


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